Migrant Caravan Approaching the Border Appears Increasingly Violent

One, if not this year's single largest illegal immigrant caravan will likely reach the southern border within a couple of weeks.

Republicans in Congress are calling for the Department of Homeland Security to be prepared. In October, the caravan violently pushed through a national guard roadblock in Mexico. Irineo Mujica, a member of a “pro-migrant” organization, is quoted as saying “with or without papers, we’re ready for war.”

“It’s true that if they are pushed back into Mexico or halted by the Mexicans, that they will riot. They do get out of hand,” security expert Todd Bensman, with the Center for Immigration Studies, said. “They might try to charge the bridges. They may try to charge over some spot in the river.”

Bensman adds that the White House is largely ignoring the threat, making it potentially more dangerous for our border patrol.

“They need to have strong, young aggressive men in the front in order to bust through police barricades, and to fight with the police,” he explained. “They’ve always done that, throwing sticks and rocks, and attacking the police.”

Bensman notes Texas officials are doing what they can to beef up the border. However, without the White House's help, illegal immigrants are likely to continue coming in large numbers to the border.

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