Biden’s Green Jobs Aren’t What They’re Cracked Up To Be

Joe Biden continues to promise that his 'Green New Deal' will bring with it 'green new jobs'. So what's the deal?

"Build Back Better is -Build Back Bankrupt" said Marc Murano, a climate expert with The Climate Depot.

President Biden has pledged that by killing our fossil fuel industry and going green, the positive would be "opportunity" and "good paying" union jobs.

Unfortunately, that is not true. Data shows that natural gas workers earn nearly 24% more than those in the wind and solar industries. Plus, the majority of the 'green' jobs are only temporary.

"It takes 79 solar workers to produce the same amount of energy as one coal worker" Murano told KTRH "It's a misdirection."

Why? Because basically these 'green climate' jobs only exist on government funding. Once the funding is gone, the jobs are gone. They could not exist on their own.

But Murano says this is about more than just saving the planet. What is really going on Murano says is that the Democrats have the perfect combo right now to push their radical agenda.

Covid and climate.

"In their view, Americans in particular cannot be left to our own devices" Murano said, "We will create inequity, we will create wealth disparity, racism, we will destroy the earth, and we need this enlightened administrative state of experts to tell us what we can and can't do."

In other words, by killing our independence, the Democrats hope to achieve a permanent -dependence- on them, which of course would keep them in power. It's a 'green' wake-up call for America.

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