Progressive Journalists Call for an End to Balanced News Coverage

Some reporters are calling for an end to balanced news coverage, saying the media should be more critical of Republicans.

A Los Angeles Times reporter wrote in October the mainstream media should stop trying to cover both sides of political issues. She’s calling for an end to what she refers to as “both-siderism”. Sherry Sylvester, with the Texas Public Policy Foundation, says many outlets in Lone Star State stopped covering conservative perspectives years ago. She notes the border crisis as one example.

“The urban newspapers are not reporting about what their fellow Texans along the border are experiencing, what cities are experiencing, what ranchers, landowners, businesspeople are experiencing,” Sylvester said.

She adds other important issues like property taxes and education are just ignored, unless it fits that media outlet’s political narrative.

“There’s been virtually no news story about how property taxes effect people, how they effect businesses,” Sylvester explained. “Instead, most of the news on property taxes is how local government needs money.”

She says while the media may only cover one side of many political stories, she says the truth will always prevail.

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