Christmas Tree Shortages Predicted for many states, but how about Texas ?

Texas, unlike many other states, is in luck Christmas-Tree-wise this year according to Stan Reed of the Texas Christmas Tree Growers. "The selection we have this year for Texas is looking really good. Pricing and availability for trees this year should be about the same as last year - mostly because most of the trees we get are grown in Texas and the weather cooperated."

Reed says there's one exception. "The only variance might be from the Fraser Firs and so forth coming from out of state because of the rising gas prices." Reed says not to worry too much about supply chain issues that have hurt most other industries. "There won't be supply chain issue for us for REAL Christmas trees. From North Carolina, Michigan, Oregon, Washington, Wisconsin - most of them have their own supply trucks." Reed says your first step in picking out a tree is to measure the height of your ceiling. "You don't want to go out and buy a 121 foot tree and go home and find out you have a 6 foot ceiling. Once you get it home, you cut about an inch off the bottom, put it in your stand and keep plenty of water in it. Keep your cats and dogs out of the water - because you don't want it to go dry at any time."

He also suggests you shop early to get exactly the tree you want.


family buying christmas tree

Good year for Christmas Trees in TexasPhoto: Getty Images

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