Cash for Crossers: Biden May Pay Illegals Caught Under Trump

As if amnesty wasn't enough, the Biden administration is now prepared to offer cash payments to illegal immigrants who were caught at the border. A new report in the Wall Street Journal says the administration is considering $450,000 payouts to those caught under the Trump administration's "zero tolerance" policy. The money would go to settle lawsuits brought by the ACLU against the federal government on behalf of illegals detained and separated from their children.

The proposal has drawn strong and swift rebuke from Republicans, like Houston Congressman Dan Crenshaw, while Democrats and the White House have remained largely silent on it. "The whole idea is an outrage," says Mark Metcalf, former U.S. immigration judge. "It ends up with billions of dollars spent to pay back families who voluntarily made the trip and separated their child from themselves in order to enter the U.S."

"The idea that we would do this is in direct conflict with a military family that loses a servicemember overseas," he continues. "That family only receives $100,000 when a servicemember is killed."

Metcalf tells KTRH that perhaps the worst aspect of this payout proposal is the impact it would have on the nation's already overburdened borders and immigration system. "If this passes into law, it will become another magnet which will draw illegal immigration toward the United States," he says. "If you thought they were coming in droves before, wait for the flood tide to erupt once this passes into law."

Photo: Getty Images North America

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