Are Some Houston Haunts Haunted?!?

There are Houston landmarks that believers and sceptics alike feel may be a second home for ghosts. You probably know where a few are located.

909 Texas Ave.
The Rice Hotel was the original home of news radio 740 KTRH. In Fact, KTRH = K The Rice Hotel. No proof of news ghosts roaming the halls, but it was also the last place President John F. Kennedy spent his last night. The next day he went to Dallas where he was assassinated. Both his ghost and those of dancers where the grand ballroom once stood have been reported to make the occasional visit.

1101 Elder St.
This site has been a base for so many death-related businesses, that it would be unusual if it isn't haunted! As far as historians know, it began as a burial site for plague victims, and then gravesites for Confederate soldiers. It has been Jefferson Davis Hospital, a psychiatric ward, and a juvenile detention center. Sightings of angry nurses, sad soldiers and children looking for trouble abound, and the sounds of screams have supposedly filled the air. It is now an apartment building.

Other sites to check out:
La Carafe in downtown Houston, which is the oldest standing business building in Houston, has mirrors that occasionally flashes
Hotel Galvez on the beach in Galveston was the site of high society 'in the day.'
The Alley Theatre where Managing Director Iris Siff was murdered in her office more than 30 years ago.
University of Texas Medical Branch's Ewing Hall stands where a wealthy man's home was. He loved it so much that he told his heirs if they ever sold the property, he would return to haunt them!


Dark silhouette of girl behind glass. Locked alone in room behind door on Halloween in grayscale. Nightmare of child with aliens, monsters and ghosts. Evil in home in monochrome. Inside haunted house.

Houston Area has businesses that many claim are haunted.Photo: Getty Images

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