Another Small Airplane Crashes at Houston Executive Airport

The Good News: He was able to walk away from the aircraft.
The Bad News: His plane was upside-down on the runway.

This evening (10-20-2021) around 5:00, the pilot of a small plane was attempting to land his 4-seater at small airport Houston Executive Airport which is west of Houston. His landing gear failed and the aircraft went skidding onto the runway. The pilot was the only one on the plane and was not injured.

Texas Dept. of Public Safety Sgt. Stephen Woodard says this crash was not only the second with 20 days at the same small airport, but the second aviation incident in the Houston area today! The other happened near La Porte when another small airplane crashed - this time having to make an emergency landing after a mechanical failure. In this case, that aircraft ran into utility lines just as it was landing. That pilot was not injured either.

Investigations continue.


Young pilot sitting in cockpit, portrait

2 small airplanes crash today in the Houston area.Photo: Getty Images

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