The Death Of Trust In US Institutions, And How To Restore It

Not only are President Joe Biden's numbers at an all-time low, our trust in U.S. institutions is on life support.

Whether it's the government, the FBI, the DOJ, the FDA, or the CDC, a vast number of Americans have legitimate concerns.

"Trust among Americans within American institutions culturally is at an all-time low because Democrats have sought to weaponize every federal agency, and every institution in America against mainstream Americans who just hold conservative pro-America beliefs" said Terry Schilling with the American Principles Project.

So where do we go from here? Schilling says it's up to the people to take the power back, starting one family at a time.

"America is the most beautiful country in the world, and our founder's gave us a really great gift in the government that they set up for us, and we just need to embrace it" Schilling told KTRH, "Our founders were very skeptical of experts, they wanted the people doing what's called self-government, and we need to get back to that and we need to embrace it."

Trust is earned, not given.

American flag with a wooden cross

Photo: Getty Images

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