Bad Read: Lawmakers Target Controversial Books in Texas Schools

A group of conservative Texas state lawmakers is demanding answers on radical racial or sexual content in schools. The Texas Freedom Caucus, led by State Rep. Matt Krause (R-Fort Worth), sent a letter to superintendents asking for an accounting of certain books in libraries or classrooms. The letter included a list of 850 specific titles, most dealing with race and sexuality. Texas banned the teaching of critical race theory in classrooms earlier this year, but some parents are concerned about books in school libraries promoting CRT.

Left-wing groups have ripped the inquiry, calling it a witch hunt and an attack on schools. But others see this as necessary to empower parents. "It's very important for parents to be able to have a say in what their children are learning, and to be active in their children's education," says Mary Elizabeth Castle, policy advisor for Texas Values.

Castle tells KTRH there are many inappropriate books and materials that find their way into schools without parents even knowing. "Especially when it's in a school library and not part of curriculum," she says. "When it's in a school library, there is really no control over what age of a child can actually attain that book."

"It can be quite secretive, to be honest, what is actually put in the school library," she continues. "So parents should be on guard on what types of books are in the library."

Many parents have spoken out about radical or sexually explicit books in schools. But Castle believes the solution should be more proactive. "There needs to be some kind of safeguard, some kind of review process to make sure that parents know what is being offered to their children in the school library," she says.

The lawmakers have given school districts until November 12 to respond to the inquiry.

Photo: Getty Images North America

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