Early Voting Turnout For November Election Underwhelms

Friday is the last day of early voting for the November 2 election. So far, the turnout has been underwhelming.

The number of ballots cast in Harris County is now above 80,000. Voter participation is traditionally down during an off-year cycle, but statewide only 2.3% of registered voters have participated so far in 2021. Turnout is traditionally low in off-year election cycles.

Voters are weighing in on eight proposed amendments to the state constitution. They include religious services, eligibility requirements for judges, and county infrastructure.

Becky Blalock, with the Freedom Matters Action Group, says there is also something just as important as state constitutional amendments on the ballot this year: local school board elections.

“It would be tempting to say ‘Well, I’ll homeschool my child,’ or ‘My kids are grown and it’s no problem for me,’ but these are the kids that your kids and grandkids are going to be working with in society, and they’re being educated by people who have these leftist agendas and we’ve got to get good people on our school boards again,” Blalock said.

Bonnie Anderson, a former Katy ISD school board candidate, says running can be tough for conservatives.

“There’s not a lot of money being thrown in for school board candidates, and it’s real expensive,” Anderson explained. “Especially in a place like Houston because the other side as unions and advocacy groups who are pushing things like critical race theory.”

Check your county clerk's website (for example: Harris County) for a sample ballot. Election day is Tuesday, November 2.

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