Biden’s Team Blames -You- For The Supply Chain Issues

We all know about the Biden administration, but what about the Biden 'team'?

That would be the corporate mainstream media, and big tech. Not only are they actively censoring conservatives, and promoting Democrat propaganda, but now they are telling -you- not to shop!

Instead of asking the tough questions, and holding the Biden administration accountable for all of the supply chain issues, and wrecking the economy, the media says the problems would be solved if Americans didn't buy so much. In other words, they want socialism.

"It's something that the corporate media does often" said Jordan Davidson, reporter for the Federalist, "Democrats have used the corporate media for years to get things done that they want done, and the corporate media gladly complies and goes along with it."

They will go along with the messaging, but definitely not the message. Don't expect the Democrats, elites, or the mainstream media to go without this Christmas. "It's always rules for thee, not for me" Davidson told KTRH, "It's not only hypocritical, it's hierarchical."

And it is also reality here in the U.S. in 2021.


Photo: Getty Images

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