Why Is Pfizer Requesting Legal Immunity If Vaccines For 5-11 Kids Are Safe?

With a unanimous vote, the FDA has recommended the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine shot for children 5-11. It was requested under emergency authorization, even though there is no Covid emergency right now for kids.

Vaccines for kids are common, but this is not the same thing. The vaccines of the past were studied for decades, the data for this Covid vaccine for kids has taken place over the last few months. Plus, it was a little bit concerning to hear a member of the FDA board saying on the record, "we'll see how it goes" in regards to how kids will react to the shot.

"The idea that we are going to be foisting vaccines that have been tested for a matter of months, as opposed to the decades that most vaccines are tested before they are given to children, I think is unconscionable" said infectious disease expert, Dr. Kelly Victory.

The other big question that has to be asked, but you won't hear it from the mainstream media, if the vaccine is so safe? Why is Pfizer requesting legal immunity from any adverse side effects the shot may have on kids?

"This is really the sham" Dr. Victory told KTRH, "If they were facing liability, they would be doing things very differently."

But they are not, with the vaccine roll out for kids expected to start soon. Dr. Victory also noted during our conversation that several countries around the world have halted the vaccine for young people because of too many adverse reactions.

Again, something you won't hear from the mainstream media.

Exterior view of Pfizer Pharmaceutical company's offices in Brussels, Belgium

Photo: Getty Images

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