Demand For New Home Construction Rises Amid Influx of New Residents

A new study out of Texas A&M University shows more people are moving to Texas from states like California, Florida, Colorado, and Illinois. Home improvement expert Jim Dutton says that's likely why demand for new homes in Houston is soaring.

“The influx of people moving here along with people who have been working from home deciding ‘Hey, I need a bigger office space. I need space for kids to do their schoolwork’, has just blasted the market with new homes now,” Dutton said.

The number of single-family home construction permits in our area is up 35 percent since 2020.

“You would think when everything is in the downturn during the pandemic, people would be slowing down, but they’re not,” he explained. “The big problem is getting the supplies you need to build it.”

Homebuilders are still reporting a shortage of appliances, plastic, and glass. Dutton doesn't expect a drop in home construction demand here in Houston anytime soon. At least not for another 3 to 5 years.

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