Stuff your Wallet before you Stuff Your Turkey

Thanksgiving could be costlier this year - because turkey prices are rising. Dr. Justin Benavidez of Texas A&M Agrilife says U.S. consumption was down, so turkey farmers lowered their numbers as well. "For a long time you got your first turkey for Thanksgiving and your second turkey for Christmas. A lot more people are switching to something different - especially at Christmas. Something like Prime Rib." But their projection was off. "Demand did not drop that much this year which means the wholesale demand for turkey products has gone up." Dr. Benavidez says fewer turkeys and higher costs like feed, fuel and labor have pushed prices upward.

Expect higher prices and fewer options for your Thanksgiving turkey this year. Dr. Benavidez: "For the last 5 years we have seen a deep decline of interest in the amount of turkey consumed in the United States."

Dr. Benavidez has come advice for you: "It's time to get out there and start looking. Be flexible. You may get a different size than you're used to. If you usually get a big bird and have left-overs - this time you may need to buy 2 smaller birds. Also be ready to pay a bit more. and --- get ready for some stores not promoting turkey specials as they have before"

He says prices could be as much as 30% higher than last year.

photo:Getty Images

Tom Turkey Strutting

Turkeys are in shorter supply and more expensive this year.Photo: Getty Images

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