Joe’s Tricky Tax Trick – How You’re Paying More Day By Day

The 'trick or treating' has already begun in Washington.

The trick? The Biden administration continues to say that Biden's trillion dollar 'Build Back Better' bill won't cost anything. Of course it will, and primarily it will be the middle class and the poor that end of paying for it.

The treat? A massive radical socialist spending spree for the Democrats before they're booted out of office in next years midterms.

"I think he needs to get rid of that talking point" said Brandon Arnold, Vice President with the National Taxpayers Union, "Obviously this bill is going to cost something. You can't just pretend that it's free."

But that is exactly what Biden and the White House are doing. Playing the same card that he did during the election, President Biden is doing it again by falsely claiming that only 'billionaires' will be hit with new taxes.

At last count, there are 724 billionaires in the U.S., which will definitely -not- be enough to pay for the Democrats radical wish list.

"This piece of legislation that they're working on is the worst piece of legislation I have ever seen" Arnold told KTRH, "Average everyday Americans, blue collar workers, will be hit with higher taxes. That's the honest way to present it."

Add on to that the brutal honesty, that most Americans are already paying more due to the record inflation.

Yet another reminder that elections have consequences. But hey, at least Trump is off twitter.

President Biden Delivers Remarks At NJ Transit Meadowlands Maintenance Complex

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