Will Biden go the distance?

The conventional wisdom says Joe Biden won't serve a full term in the White House. But that conventional wisdom looks like it's changing.

There are more people who are now convinced Biden actually will serve a full term. Political analyst Debbie Georgatos tells KTRH it's because Kamala Harris has been such a disaster as the President in Waiting.

"They have found that Harris is even less popular than they thought she would be," Georgatos explained.

If you need proof, just look at her lack of success as border czar. But Georgatos also says that at the end of the day, it doesn't matter.

"Neither of them would be running the country. The apparent figurehead President would not be running the country," she stated, adding that the 'Deep State' actually runs things.

President Biden Attends Ceremony For 10th Anniversary Of MLK Jr. Memorial

Photo: Getty Images

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