The Hidden Blessings Of The Supply Chain Crisis

As the supply chain issues continue to effect all Americans across the nation, the Biden administration is now calling the crisis a success.

The U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg says all of the problems are really positives, thanks to Joe Biden.

Not everyone sees it that way. In fact, pretty much everyone else does not, including foreign policy expert Harry Kazianis. The supply chain issues have not only shined the spotlight on Biden's bad policy decisions, but also on our dependence on China.

"Unfortunately, we are over-dependent on China. It's very scary, we get so much cheap stuff from them, it really is a crazy situation when you think about it."

Crazy when you see all of the ships backed up here in the Gulf Coast, and off the coast in California. "It's a complete mess" Kazianis told KTRH.

Add on to that the sky high inflation, labor issues, and experts warning of an upcoming recession, now is not the time to be in bondage to our main adversary. It's a wake-up call.

"The American people need to realize every time we buy something from China, we are feeding that threat" Kazianis told KTRH, "Something we should all do is to try and buy American, and when you see that 'made in China' label, put it back."

There is also concern about Joe Biden's personal dealings with China, along with his son Hunter, that have all been covered up and protected by the mainstream media.

"Here in D.C., the U.S. foreign policy community is 95% anti-China" Kazianis said, "And I think the American people agree on that, and if you look at the polling, they do."

U.S Vice President Joe Biden Visits China

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