How The Media Distortion Disempowers The American Public

Remember the good old days, when you would turn on the news, watch or listen to a story, and then form your own opinion? Those days are long gone!

"I don't think we've had a fair or objective media in a long time, but it's gotten worse" said Dan Gainor V.P. at the Media Research Center, "It's infuriating, so much of it is wrong, so much of it is deliberate misinformation that's politicized."

Sadly, that is the state of our 'mainstream' media here in 2021. From ABC and NBC, to now 100% DNC.

"We don't even use the term 'mainstream media' because they're not mainstream" Gainor told KTRH, "Every single issue, it doesn't matter if it's political, religious, economic, every single issue they push the narrative as far to the left as they can get away with."

It's a trend that started in the late 60's when Walter Cronkite began mixing in his views on the nightly news. Now? They don't even try to hide it. Case in point, Katie Coric.

As for the future? Gainor says he doesn't expect things to balance out anytime soon, especially with the corrupt liberal media now being backed by the federal government, and big tech.

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