The Radical Programs Democrats Don't Want You To Notice In Biden's Budget

Despite efforts to keep it under wraps, more details are emerging from Joe Biden's $3.5 trillion dollar massive spending bill. And they are not good.

Remember that promise that there were would be no higher taxes for anyone who makes less than $400k a year?

"Unfortunately, the bill as it's being drafted would increase taxes on the middle class in a number of ways" said Pete Sepp, president of the National Taxpayers Union, "To say that the middle class will be untouched by this package is just disingenuous."

Also misleading are the so-called 'freebies' in the bill, like free college, free day care, and universal pre-k, just to name a few. "Those benefits are being promised, but they come with a huge price tag" Sepp told KTRH, "And in the process we are going to do very, very considerable damage."

Some of the items you may not be hearing about, especially from Biden's partners in the mainstream media, there is $8 billion dollars set aside for 'climate police', $4 billion dollars to fix 'racist roads', and probably the most wicked part of the plan, $80 billion dollars to bolster the IRS with 87,000 new agents who's sole objective will be to bring in more money.

Where the bill stands right now? The Democrats are going back to the Obama-care playbook, and plan to slip the bill through during the holidays. Before then, we are going to hear talk of cutting some things, and trimming, but Sepp says even if the bill is split in half, it will still be devastating.

"The tax hikes that will be needed to pay for this can still be economy-wreckers. There are details that we won't know about until the ink is dry, which is why Americans need to start asking hard questions now."

Now, before it's too late.

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