Getting on a plane for Thanksgiving travel could be an adventure this year!

Going through TSA is not the best part of any trip - but just imagine it with longer lines and slower processing.

The deadline for TSA employees to be vaccinated is the Monday before Thanksgiving. Airline expert Jay Ratliff says this couldn't come at a worse time. "The TSA is already short-staffed as it is. We have a lot of front-line people who are working double shifts and more...and now we have this looming deadline that is being imposed by the Federal Government!" Ratliff figures most are not vaccinated because they just haven't taken the time. "I'm not overly concerned because I think that between now and November 22nd, the vast majority of these workers will get the shot!"

The TSA is still trying to recruit more staff. Ratliff gives an example. "At the beginning of this year (2021) the TSA was going to hire 6,000 Screeners. By June 1, 2021 they were only able to hire 3,000 of those and had to come up with a $1,000 signing bonus!"

No matter what, he strongly advises you to join the TSA Pre-Check program. The lines are shorter and you get to keep your shoes on! Click here to sign up. It's $85 for 5 full years.


TSA Precheck and Global Entry line at security checkpoint at Reagan National Airport

TSA staff must be Covid Vaccinated by November 22.Photo: Getty Images

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