State Of The Nation: America Is Not The Problem, Democrat Policies Are

As we hit the 9 month mark of the Joe Biden presidency, many are weighing in on the 'state of America'.

Where are we right now as a nation? As always, that depends on who you ask.

For the Biden administration, and liberal Democrats, the answer is pretty clear. America is the problem, due to -Americans- that are unvaccinated, and Trump supporters.

But the reality is, America is not bad. The problem right now is 9 months of bad leadership, and bad policy.

"We've gotten perilously close to losing an awful lot of our liberties" said political writer John Green, "But I also think there are a number of really encouraging signs that show that we're starting to turn the corner. People are waking up, and they're seeing what's happening."

Some of those signs include parents pushing back on CRT in public schools, and the millions of Americans across the country who are laying it all on the line to defy Biden's ridiculous vaccine mandates.

"The American people suddenly are realizing that the path that the left wanted to take us down does not lead to the place that they promised" Green told KTRH, "They're waking up to that fact, and they're starting to push back now. I think the midterm elections next year are going to be a real eye opener for a lot of people."

Green also points out that it was just last year under Donald Trump, pandemic aside, that America was in a great place both here at home, and in the world.

"We had undergone 8 years of destructive policies that Trump turned around in really just a couple of years" Green said, "So if we get another President that holds those ideals, how quickly can they turn things around?".

So what's really going on right now? "I used to work for retired Army Colonel and he gave me a tidbit of wisdom once that I have always remembered" Green said in closing, "He said the purpose of war is not to kill people and destroy things, but to break the enemy's will to resist. The Democrats want to break our will to resist."

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