Widespread Drone Delivery in Israel Raises Security Questions in U.S.

Drones delivering sushi, beer, and ice cream are one step closer to reality in parts of Israel.

Residents of Tel-Aviv may soon have to deal with a different kind of traffic jam: drones. This month, the Israeli government is laying the groundwork for a national drone network. They're allowing private companies to test drone delivery of sushi, ice cream, and more. So how far are we away from this kind of service in the U.S.?

“America has made too much regulation when it comes to technology, and unfortunately most of the regulation is written by people who don’t really understand technology,” Tech expert Peter Shankman said. “So, we’re not there yet. We are probably a decade behind Asia right now, but in probably about three or four years, we’ll start to see drone delivers start to become a regular thing.”

Shankman says he's more concerned about safety and security issues.

“The biggest issue, I believe, is still going to be people who say ‘Oh, what’s that? Let’s shoot it.’ Or the people who call the police because they see a flying saucer outside their third-floor window carrying a plate of sushi,” He added.

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