One Harris County Constable 4 Deputy Killed, Two Wounded

Shortly after two Saturday morning at a north Houston bar three officers were shot by a suspect with a rifle ambush style, killing one, critically injuring another who was shot in the back. One person is in custody, though it’s not clear if he is a suspect or witness.

The deputies were working security overnight at the 45 North Bar and Lounge as a side job when informed of an altercation in the parking lot. Two officers responded and were making an apprehension when police believe a man armed with a rifle fired from behind. A Third officer came outside and was shot.

The three officers were rushed to Memorial Hermann Hospital in the Medical Center where one was pronounced deceased. An officer shot in the back was taken to surgery. The other officer was shot in the foot and will undergo surgery.

Deputy Four Constable Mark Herman issued this statement:

“I’m asking for all our community’s thoughts and prayers for our families. My main concern right now are the families of the three officers involved and getting them the immediate care and support that they’re going to need. We’ve mobilized our victims assistance and we will be given them the support over the next couple of days. I want to thank the Houston Police Department for briefing me on everything that occurred at the scene, thus far.”

photo: Getty Images

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