The Biden Administration Says Supply Chain Issues Are “High Class” Problems

If sky high inflation, record high gas prices, and labor shortages weren't bad enough, our nation is dealing with supply chain issues.

The White House response? "Those are high class problems".

"What a terrible narrative to come out of our national leadership" said political analyst Jessica Colon, "How does that inspire greatness, and hope that we are going to turn this around?"

Unfortunately, that is the message that is coming from the Biden administration. That we should not expect things to be like they were before the pandemic, and as part of the Democrats socialist reset, they won't do without, but they think you should.

"Joe Biden and his White House continue to want to stamp out the resiliency of America, and the ability to comeback" Colon told KTRH, "It's a sad commentary on their outlook."

And sadly, it's a commentary that continues to be pushed and promoted, by the mainstream media. Colon, a TV personality herself says, "They have isolated themselves to one partisan viewpoint, at their own expense. The bottom line truth for any American out there is what is happening in their daily life. What is the reality that they are dealing with? That is their truth."

Sadly, we no longer get the truth from our elected officials. Yet another reminder that elections do have consequences.

White House Press Secretary Psaki Holds Daily White House Press Briefing

Photo: Getty Images

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