Social Media When We Die

When we depart this mortal coil we want to take our Facebook profile with us.

The majority of Texans, 69%, want our social media profiles to be automatically deleted upon our demise.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

Oxford did a study and found that by the year 2100 Facebook will include the accounts of 4.9 billion dead people. We’d rather not be remembered that way.

To remove a profile from Facebook, the request must come from a direct family member or estate executor and they’ll need to include a copy of the death certificate. You know how formal Facebook is when it comes to adhering to social norms.

40% of people don’t post thoughts on politics, not only to protect them in their current existence but to prevent eternal damnation for opinions once held when they reach the afterlife.

27% switch their accounts to “private” while job hunting.

One in four used some of that free time that came with Covid lockdowns to clean out social media accounts of embarrassing posts.

photo: Getty Images

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