More Economists Are Predicting A Recession

We all know that the 'Biden-flation' is bad. Apparently, it's going to get worse.

If we continue down this current path, some economists are predicting that we will have another recession by the end of the year.

"We indeed run the risk of another recession in the upcoming months" said Joel Griffith, Senior Fellow at The Heritage Foundation, "The situation with inflation is worse than many economists were predicting, but a lot of us were warning that government policy was leading to an increased risk of higher prices not just over the short term, but over the long term, and we are beginning to see that now across the board."

Record high inflation, sky high gas prices, supply chain issues, and a labor shortage have all factored in. But the big problem is the reckless spending of the Democrats, and the Biden administration.

"Politicians like that short term sugar buzz" Griffith told KTRH, "But long term we are really hurting ourselves with all of this debt, and not just the debt, but the misallocation of resources, you have the federal government spending trillion upon trillion of dollars."

The bottom line is, Republicans need to stand their ground and not gave in to the radical Democrat wish list. "I'm really hoping that states like Texas, and Florida, continue to push back" Griffith.

If not? 2022 could be a really rough year for all of us, not just the Democrats.

Recession Road Sign

Photo: Getty Images

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