As Our Freedom Erodes – So Does Our Patience

You see it everywhere these days. The market, on the roads, airplanes, school board meetings, and of course on social media.

People are just angry.

"We're all walking around with this stuff just boiling inside us" said Texas bases licensed counselor Shannon Thornton, "We don't have a real outlet, and nobody really knows the truth of what's going on for a lot of things, so we're scared, we're angry, and we're taking it out on each other."

People across the nation are fed up and frustrated. The Covid 19 pandemic has led to losses. Life, jobs, and freedoms, and here in the U.S., we're not used to losing.

"Our whole lives we're taught how to win, we're taught how to gain, we're taught how to get" Thonrton told KTRH, "But nobody teaches us how to lose, so we're not equipped to lose our job, our loved ones lives, our freedom, this is all new to us."

What is not new, and now worse, is all of the hate on social media. "Social media is the crux of a lot of it" Thornton says, "We can hide and be anonymous, and speak our minds. We read things that upset us, so we're all walking around with this stuff just boiling inside us."

Here in Houston, that boiling point has been on the freeways, with road rage murders at a record high. "Road rage is a real thing" Thornton said, "We are mad at the situation of the world, so we're mad at people. Maybe it's a sticker on their car? or the kind of car they drive? Maybe it's just, no you are not going to get in front of me, I'm going to first this time."

Sin has been defined as selfishness, and Thornton says we need to think of others and not just ourselves. It starts in our minds, and what we are thinking about. She says it's also very important to take care of ourselves physically, with sleep at the top of the list. And lastly, she noted that people of faith have handled things significantly better than those without it.

Angry driver.

Photo: Getty Images

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