Texas Moving Forward With Plan To Build Donation-Backed Border Wall

Top Texas officials say plans to build our own border wall are moving forward.

Texas Republicans disagree with President Biden’s recent decision to cancel all border wall contracts. To the White House, a wall is a waste of money. However, many Texans believe it’s worth it. So far, the state has raised more than 54 million dollars in donations. The state agency running the project, the Texas Facilities Commission, gave approval in September to two firms to jointly start the work.

“We’ve allocated thousands of officers, National Guard to come down here and help, but we’re limited by law and by the Biden administration as to what we can actually do,” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said on Fox Business this week.

The White House is not letting state officials use the 100 million dollars’ worth of building materials sitting in South Texas.

“All the materials sitting there, they’re already paying contracts for months and months, sometimes years, why not go ahead and let those walls be built, even if it’s not their favorite idea,” Paxton said.

The TFC has yet to produce a timetable for when a wall could potentially be completed.

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