Local School Boards Set For Hot Races In November As Parents Push Back CRT

The battle is on as we get ready for the elections.

No, we're not talking about Republicans vs. Democrats in the midterms. That's next year. Next month, many outraged, and energized parents hope to have their voices heard at local school board elections.

"They were just shocked about what was being taught, and the direction of the country" said Dr. Richard Johnson, education expert with the Texas Public Policy Foundation, "Parents have taken a stand, and I think they're dug in pretty deep right now and we're seeing school boards being challenged, and will be possibly be turned over in this November election."

First it was CRT, and then the final straw, the Biden administration calling parents who speak up at school board meetings "domestic terrorists".

Tim Lambert, from the Texas Home School Coalition told KTRH, "I think we will see more parents involved in those elections, you're dealing with peoples children" he said, "This is not going to slow down, I think it's going to increase, and we're going to see these issues dealt with hopefully at the ballot box."

Home schooling in Texas has skyrocketed over the past year, with many parents fed up with the indoctrination that is taking place in many public schools. The pandemic allowed many parents to see what was really going on at school, and what their kids were being taught.

"One week we had almost 5,000 people call us about how they can get started" Lambert said, "People are concerned about what is being taught. Some people are fighting back, and getting involved, and that's a great thing."

One way to do that as a parent is to actually run for a position on the local school board, which we are expecting to see in next months elections. "You have an opportunity to actually get out and run for the school board yourself, or you have an opportunity to support the candidates that support the values you would like to see" Dr. Johnson told KTRH, "I would love to see more and more parents, and community people get involved in this process."

They will have that opportunity on November 2nd.


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