How The Left Turned Us Into An “Entitlement Society”

There is a battle going on in our nation, and no it's not Republicans vs. Democrats.

This new struggle is between entitlement and employment.

"Basic economics tells us that when you are giving someone more money than they would be making to go to work, they are going to not go to work" said Charles Blain of Urban Reform, "For a lot of people that's enough to keep them home rather than get back to work."

Which is the stunning reality, now in the face of the Biden administration. A new record high, has become a new low, as 4.3 million Americans quit their jobs in August!

"It's really unbelievable, and unprecedented" Blain told KTRH, "This is the highest quits rate that we've seen since the Bureau of Labor Statistics starting recording these numbers, so it's really remarkable."

The 4.3 million translates to 3% of our U.S. work force, plus there is still roughly 5 million that haven't returned since the pandemic started.

Most of the departures occurred in the service industry, but the bottom line is, many people have found a way to make more money not working. Nobody has an issue with helping in a time of need, but as Blain points out, once you get dependent on a hand-out, it's hard to stop. "Once people get used to that, you don't take it away, so if we think this is going to be a short term? or a temporary thing? this is going to be permanent fixture if they get this through."

He is talking about the massive $3.5 trillion dollar 'human infrastructure' bill, which is loaded with new welfare programs, while expanding the current ones.

It's the gift that keeps on giving, which is exactly what Biden and the Democrats are banking on, as they look ahead to what figures to be a red tidal wave in next years midterms.

"Biden has had a disastrous start to his term, it has been horrible" Blain said, "I think they see this as a way to revitalize his presidency, but also boost the party going into 2022."

The countdown is on.

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