How AT&T Quietly Became A Powerhouse In Conservative Politics

Dallas based AT&T is under attack from the left for political contributions that were to state Republicans that helped pass the Texas pro-life bill.

The truth is however, AT&T has given twice as much to Democrats!

"They give money to almost everybody" said Chuck DeVore, Vice President of the Texas Public Policy Foundation, "2/3 of what they have given goes to Democrats, and they are going to be supporting people who make decisions on issues that effect them, Texas included."

Unfortunately, as DeVore points out, there aren't really any big companies left that are 'conservative'. "Certainly not publicly traded conservative companies" DeVore told KTRH, "Any organization not explicitly right wing sooner or later becomes left wing, and that's what we're seeing."

The left can say and do whatever they want to attack conservatives, but if it's the other way around? There is silence.

The bottom line, is the bottom line. The great Michael Jordan once said when asked about not backing Democrats, "Republicans by shoes too". Now, the Democrats won't buy them if Republicans do.

"AT&T , like a lot of big businesses, is in the business of staying in business" DeVore said, adding that "Certainly they're afraid of being cancelled."

Fortunately, most small businesses are conservative. And as DeVore points out, the Democrats need to be careful. Considering that they receive double donations, if they complain too much, companies will stop making political contributions all together. "If that were to happen" DeVore told KTRH, "For every dollar the Republicans lost, the Democrats would lose two."

That's math they can understand.

AT&T central office. AT&T wrapped up its merger with WarnerMedia and now controls HBO, CNN and DirecTV

Photo: Getty Images

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