Trust In Politicians – On Both Sides – At An All-Time Low

In not breaking news, America's trust in politicians is at an all-time low.

A new Gallup poll shows that nearly all Americans agree that the rampant spread of misinformation is a major problem, and they also agree that social media is to blame.

"It makes sense that Americans that feel that government is at a low point, would feel that the media is not telling us the truth, and Hollywood is certainly not telling us the truth" said Andy Hogue with the Travis County Republicans, "Any type of authority out there is under a lot of skepticism right now."

It all depends on who you ask. In what could be the widest split ever, the poll shows that while Republicans have very little trust in politicians, as well as trust in the people that vote for them, the Democrats are just the opposite. They believe in politicians, and considering they have the majority right now, they have a lot more confidence in voters.

"I think independent voters and Republicans tend to be a little more distrustful of authority, while Democrats of course want more authority and more control" Hogue told KTRH, " I think we're going to see a very 'red' decade ahead if trends continue."
As for the unprecedented divide that exists in our nation right now, Hogue says forget what the polls and the mainstream media say. It's time for conservatives to step up and lead by example, in a good way.

"It's a chance for us to kind of lead from behind" Hogue said, "Not so much that we're leading because we're beating the drum of patriotism, or beating the drum of American success, or your best life now. No better, we can actually start to do what we can and serve one another, as Jesus taught us too."

That is the best stat yet.

Political face off in November

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