College Major is Important to Career Success and Quicker Loan Payoff

Your children's college major could be a big factor in their career happiness - and to paying off student loans faster! Sarah Foster of says they studied 159 majors for their salary, employment opportunities and the lack of need for a COSTLY graduate degree. STEM majors ranked the highest --- and liberal arts ranked the lowest. "When we looked at these majors, we found that the most valuable majors are found in the STEM fields: Science; Technology; Engineering; Math. They have a high income, low unemployment rate, and to be successful they don't have to go on to get a Masters or PhD."

Post Grad Blues: Some 2020 College Grads Still Jobless

Foster says: "There are a lot of ways you can rate the value of a career. For instance, Teaching has a very low unemployment rate because they are always in such demand. No matter where you move, you'll be able to work." She says parents should click here and look over the's study results before they discuss majors with their college-bound kids.


Female Research Scientist Uses Micro Pipette while Working with Test Tubes. People in Innovative Pharmaceutical Laboratory with Modern Medical Equipment for Genetics Research.

STEM Career - Research ScientisePhoto: Getty Images

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