Tension Rising Between Communist China and U.S. Ally Taiwan

A key U.S. ally in the Pacific says they'll do whatever it takes to defend their freedom and democratic way of life.

The president of Taiwan says they don't want a military confrontation with China, but she warns there might be one. Within the last week, Beijing has sent dozens of aircraft into the island's air defense zone. The communist government claims Taiwan as its own, but the U.S. sees Taiwan as a strategic partner. Gordon Chang, an expert and author on China, says the United States is at a crossroads, which is why every American should care about what happens next.

“China is attacking not only our democracy, but all democracies, and even the concept of democracy,” Chang said. “We can’t allow China to take over any democracy, especially one as important as Taiwan.”

He says the U.S. cannot back down from helping a key ally, especially after the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“If the United States allows China to take Taiwan, we’re not going to have any friends in the world. Although we may formally have treaties, we won’t have partners who will defend us,” Chang explained. “We need Taiwan, because we need to show that the United States is as good as its word.”

U.S. officials said Thursday a special operations unit and contingent of marines have been secretly training Taiwanese troops for at least a year. They've been working to shore up the island's defenses.

Taiwanese military vehicles take part in a national day parade in front of the Presidential Palace in Taipei on October 10, 2021. (Photo by Sam Yeh / AFP) (Photo by SAM YEH/AFP via Getty Images)

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