Christopher Ramirez is Found Alive and Thirsty

After four days of intense search including Grimes County Law Officials, the FBI, volunteers and Texas Equusearch , just before noon today (10-9-2021) missing 3 year old Christopher Ramirez was found near Plantersville. Tim Miller of Texas Equusearch received a tip from a landowner who said he spotted Christopher in a wooded area seven miles from his home. a Grimes County Sergeant and the boy's mother accompanied him when they traveled to Texas Children's Hospital in The Woodlands. As she and her son were boarding the ambulance, Christopher's mother hugged Sheriff Don Sowell's neck. Sowell says, "When she got the news that Christopher was alive and on his way to see her, she kept thanking God and saying her prayers were answered."

Christopher's rescuer told our TV partner, Channel 2, that he heard something in the woods and he called to it. "I said, 'Christopher' - and this time I got a response. Prior to that I called out , and didn't get a response. But when I called his name, he responded. And he kept on talking so I followed the sound through the thick of the woods and I found him. He wasn't shaking, he wasn't nervous, he was calm."

Although authorities aren't expecting there to be foul play involved, their investigation is ongoing.

photo: GettyImages

Foggy winter morning in British woodland

Christopher Ramirez was found in 'the thick of the woods' safe and thirsty on October 9.Photo: Getty Images

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