De Facto Amnesty: Dems Offer Billions in Benefits to Illegals

No wonder tens of thousands of illegal immigrants are flooding the U.S. southern border--Democrats are giving them good reason to. The Dems' massive reconciliation spending bill includes some $80 billion in child tax credit payments to illegal aliens, according to a report from the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS). "This is really adding insult to injury for American workers," says Robert Law, policy director for CIS. "They're taking your jobs, they're suppressing your wages, and now your taxpayer dollars are helping prop up their lifestyles, as well."

Speaking of insult to injury, Democrats also tried to include amnesty in the bill, but that provision was rejected by the Senate Parliamentarian as not appropriate for a reconciliation bill. Law says this is another example of Dems' trying to sneak unpopular items into the giant legislation. "This is not what anybody voted for, and it's really just a clear giveaway of opportunities for Americans to illegal aliens," he tells KTRH.

As of now, the reconciliation bill is still stalled in a battle between moderate and far-left Democrats. But if it ultimately passes, Law predicts it will be a massive magnet for foreigners. "It says congratulations, you snuck across the border and we let you on top of that here's some U.S. dollars brought to you by the American taxpayer," he says.

"This will continue to fuel more and more illegal immigration," Law continues. "Because not only does word get out that you can get into the country, but now, my goodness, they're giving you money as well."

Photo: AFP

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