The IRS Wants To See Your Bank Account – Good Luck Stopping Them

It's hard to choose what's worse. The fact that the Biden administration wants complete control over our lives? Or that they don't even try to hide it!

The latest, the Biden administration now wants the IRS to look at your bank account, starting with any purchase of $600 or more.

"They want to know everything about you" said Grover Norquist, founder of Americans For Tax Reform, "Once they have the power to look at everything that goes in and out of your bank account, they can also look to see at what you buy. Did you buy a gun?"

The White House says they just want to make sure that the rich aren't hiding anything, and paying their share. But Norquist says it also used as a justification to spend more money. "Once they say they'll get an extra $200 billion dollars through more agents, then they can turn around and spend that money that doesn't exist."

What will exist? Not much more of our privacy. "Taxpayers and citizens should be very afraid" Norquist told KTRH.

As it stands right now, the Democrats are debating on whether or not to include this plan in the $3.5 trillion dollar spending bill. "They want complete control of your economic life, and to get that they need to get the information" Norquist said, "Now they're going to know what you buy, and how much you spend on it, and they want to have an opinion on that and be able to act on it."

Norquist says we need to let our elected officials know, this cannot be a part of that bill, or any other bill.

The Biden administration's Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said quote, "This proposal would create a comprehensive financial account information reporting regime."

Our government is now made up of controlling regime's.

IRS audit documents with clipboard on a desk.

Photo: Getty Images

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