Parents Labeled Domestic Terrorists By School Boards – Vow To Fight Back

When you think of a 'domestic terrorist' the first thing that probably comes to mind is 9/11.

According to the Biden administration, a domestic terrorist is now...a school mom.

The year of Biden just keeps getting better! with Biden instructing the DOJ to sic the FBI on disgruntled parents who have been speaking out at local school board meetings against the left's radical woke agenda, which they are trying to indoctrinate in to our schools.

One such local parent, Bonnie Anderson of Katy ISD told KTRH, "It's part of the game they play, it's an intimidation tactic to get people to be quiet and stop speaking up. I've doubled down, I'll be speaking up as much as I can at every board meeting."

These local school board meetings have become the front lines of the culture war in our nation. Plus, many of these school boards have been corrupt, and comfortable for a long time, and they don't like the push back. Especially over the evil reverse racism that is, 'critical race theory'.

"Covid exposed a lot of things for a lot parents" Anderson said, "We started seeing the curriculum, especially critical race theory, and they don't want to hear it. This is just another way of trying to shut down our voices."
So what should concerned parents do to make sure they still have a voice in their child's education? Anderson says parents need to continue to show up at the school board meetings, and not be intimidated. "I hope that this does not serve to intimidate any of the parents out there who are already speaking up, I just hope that this doesn't discourage anyone who was thinking about speaking out, but now they're afraid to."

If parents don't show up? The corruption will continue, and our First Amendment rights will be in jeopardy. "Parents need to unite" Anderson said, "If you go to a school board meeting, you are going to find parents who are fighting the bad things in the district."


Photo: Getty Images

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