Here Comes The Court Packing Rhetoric – Again

Not only has the U.S. Supreme Court returned for one of the most critical session's in U.S. history, so has the Democrat rhetoric calling to pack the court.

Carrie Severino, President of the Judicial Crisis Network told KTRH, "I think it's pretty clear that the left is completely outraged that we now have a majority of justices in the court who are textualists, who are originalists, who are not looking to the politics, but to what the text of the constitution says."

Shortly after taking office, President Joe Biden, the same Joe Biden who once said that packing the Supreme Court was a "bonehead idea", put together a sham committee to look into packing the court. In the meantime, the Democrats have already filed a bill to add 4 more justices, which would give them the majority.

"Even if they don't have the votes to get it done, they might be able to scare the justices in to voting their way."

Intimidation is nothing new for the Democrats. Senator Chuck Schumer threatened the justices a couple of years ago, but was given a free pass. And then radical Democrats sent a mob to protest at the -home- of justice Brett Kavanaugh.

With the new session starting this week, the Democrat intimidation is right on schedule. With big items on the agenda like guns, religious freedom, freedom of speech, and the possible overturning of Roe vs. Wade, Severino says the justices need to stand their ground. "There is going to be outrage either way" she said, "You've taken an oath to uphold the constitution, it's your job to be able to be independent of that. That's why we give justices life tenure, so that they would be able to stand up to outside pressure and not feel like they were beholden to anyone."

And just in case you're wondering, if the U.S. Supreme Court does reverse Roe vs. Wade, and the Democrats do end up adding more justices? Severino says they will be able to overturn and change anything they want.

Is the threat real? "Absolutely."

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