Will it become "The ONLY way to Fly?"

Months ago Biden wanted domestic flights to require a proof of Covid vaccination or a negative test. The airlines pushed back and it didn't happen. Airline expert Jay Ratliff says now they are telling their employees to get vaccinated or get fired. and think leisure travelers were afraid to share a cabin with the un-vaccinated. "From the February position of, "NO! NO! NO!" to now saying, "Yeah, we'll do it if the administration orders it" tells me they think that if they take this step it will increase the number of people traveling."

On the other hand, Ratliff says ticket sales haven't returned to what the airlines expected, and business travel is way down due to remote meetings. He figures the next logical step is proof of vaccination or a negative test result for all passengers boarding a plane. Ratliff is hesitant to predict if this protocol could hurt ticket sales further. "I think three will be a minimal impact. Of course, we don't know what's going to happen. If this pandemic teaches us anything it's 'Heaven help us if we make a prediction on what MIGHT happen!'"

We'll soon have a better idea of the damage the possible restrictions may cause with holiday travel reservations already coming in.


Covid-19 vaccination record card with syringe and vial

A vaccination card may be needed to board and airplane in your future.Photo: Getty Images

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