The Government Is Not Your Friend, No Matter What Politicians Tell You

The push is on. The Biden administration, with lots of help from the mainstream media, is trying to push through the Democrats massive $3.5 trillion dollar spending bill.

Unfortunately, throwing more money at problems does not make them go away. Actually, it makes them worse. As Vince Coyner pointed out for American Thinker, the government is not your friend.

To put it into perspective, over the last 50 years, our government has spent $30 trillion dollars to fix poverty. What has been the return? The poverty rate has dropped a whopping 1%.

Another nugget, our government spends more money on education and social programs than anything else. And as of right now, we currently have 457 different government agencies on the payroll.

"The government has grown, there's no doubt about that" said political historian Terry Madonna, "We've seen the largest growth of the federal government in American history. Democrats are far more likely to want the federal government to expand it's role."

Which is exactly what is happening with these huge spending sprees. The Democrat debt is going to be a lot more than just financial.

"We're well beyond what the founding father's envisioned for country" Madonna told KTRH, "They could not envision a federal government as large and powerful as it is today."

No, the founding father's believed that we should be nation that put it's faith and dependence on God, not the government. Now, we have a government and a party, that disagrees.

Uncle Sam holding a large check while standing against a teal wall, Concept - Tax cuts/tax refunds

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