Democrat Infighting Is Not Good For Infrastructure Bill, Or Their Future

The Democrat divide is real.

Usually, when push comes to shove, the party comes first. But with trillion's of dollars on the line, the rift between so-called moderates and progressive's has put the Democrats in a tough spot.

"It's a terrible position for the Democrats, and Joe Biden to be in" said political writer Joseph Curl, "The Democrats are in a lot of danger for the midterms because everything has gone so badly. You almost couldn't script out something as bad as what's happened to Biden, and how badly things have gone these first 8 months."

Inflation, record high gas prices, skyrocketing crime rates, the border, Afghanistan, unconstitutional vaccine mandates, just to name a few.

As for the Democrats massive spending spree? There is the smaller $1.2 trillion dollar 'infrastructure' bill which the Senate has agreed to. However, the radical Democrats in the House say they won't vote for that bill until after the huge $3.5 trillion dollar 'reconciliation' bill gets jammed through, something Democrat Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are opposing because it's just too much.

"Biden set this up during the campaign" Curl told KTRH, "He was pushed so far left, and promised so much to progressives and the far left wing of the party, he was beholden to them."

On Tuesday, President Biden had to break the bad news to "the squad" that they won't be getting everything they want, and the bill trimmed. But just how much? We shall see.

Either way, Curl says it's not a good look for the Democrats, and it's not looking good for next year or 2024. "It's setting up to be a pretty brutal midterm, this is setting up really badly. They're going to have a tough time."

The Democrats have to come together and get things done this month. Will they do it? We shall see.

Congress Works To Pass An Infrastructure and Government Funding Bill

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