Texas Beef Cattle are Doing Well this Fall

Texas A&M Agriculture Economist Dr. David Anderson says beef prices are 'better' - but don't celebrate yet. "We're still producing a large amount of beef. The problem on the price side is this bottleneck in meat packing and processing and actually getting it to all of us consumers." Dr. Anderson says rain replacing drought has helped them bring in the bucks. "Prices have been better than they have been in the last couple of years. The rain that we had throughout the state have helped the grasses and kept the pasture land water tanks full. That has helped a lot of ranchers across the state."

Some Texas ranchers struggle in drought for abundant grass for herds

Dr. Anderson cautions meat eaters, though, saying between the ranchers and your table are rising costs in processing the beef and shipping it to your grocery store and favorite restaurant...keeping prices stable. Dr. Anderson also says different cuts of meats are more expensive at different times of the year. "When we get into the winter time, people do by and cook more roasts. So we get some higher prices there. We normally get higher prices for rib-eyes as we get closer to the holidays."


portrait of a white Charolais cattle

Texas cattle are doing wellPhoto: Getty Images

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