Covid Cases Are Plummeting – So Why Are We Still In A Code Red?

Covid cases in Harris County have been down every day since September 1st. So why are we still on Covid threat level red?

"It's egregious the amount of fear mongering that is going on right now with judge Lina Hidalgo" said state representative Steve Toth, "We are at litterally 1/10 the cases we were at a month ago. It's gone from 25,200 cases, to just under 2,600 cases."

The numbers are so low, even the extreme liberal Houston Chronicle is questioning as to why we are still on code red. Is it science? Or control?

"Across the United States the left has used Covid as a means by which to tighten the screws on our liberty and freedom" Toth told KTRH, "Liberals believe that liberty and freedom is something that is dangerous. As a conservative, I believe that liberty and freedom is something that is necessary for our way of life to continue."

Sadly, it is the level code red that continues. As a result, Toth fears that if the time comes again that we really should be on code red? People won't believe it. "We may be heading in to a stretch where we see a lot more of Covid, especially with our borders open allowing tens of thousands of people to come in every month that have Covid" Toth said, "No when is going to trust us. When we said "red or orange" no one is going to trust us."

As for the trust in the 'science' and the medical community? Toth shared, "I continue to hear about people that are dying from reactions to the jab. I continue to get data that most people don't have access to, and the frustrating thing is that we are absolutely being silenced on social media. We're not allowed to share anything, and they block people from seeing it."

The good news is, the numbers are down. You just won't hear about it.

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