Drug Cartels Aim to Take Advantage of Biden’s Criticism of Border Patrol

Mexican drug cartels are reportedly trying to take advantage of President Biden’s public criticism of the border patrol. They're asking drug and human traffickers to provoke a confrontation with agents and take pictures. They're hoping the media will vilify law enforcement. Todd Bensman, with the Center for Immigration Studies, says the report is not out of the question. The cartels profit off of border surges, like the recent one in Del Rio, Texas.

“When you don’t have Texas DPS there to seize drugs, we don’t know how much drugs are getting in. We can only presume that the cartels have ramped up their pipelines to take advantage of the gap on the border,” Bensman said.

With tens of thousands more migrants reportedly making their way north through Mexico, smugglers are seeing dollar signs.

“They’ve always known how to move border patrol out of the way. Here they don’t have to do anything because the migrants themselves are crossing and huge swaths of the southern border are without anybody at all,” Bensman explained.

That's why he says the cartels don't want a border wall. Last week, the White House accused border patrol agents of whipping Haitian migrants who were attempting to cross the Rio Grande. However, the photographer who took the photo of the supposed scene stated that he never saw law enforcement whip anyone.

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