We Dig Deeper Into Why Local Judges Keep Letting Criminals Out Of Jail

With the crime rate at a record level high here in Houston, most of the egregious violent crimes all have one thing in common. There were committed by a criminal who was out on bail after multiple incidents. A repeat offender of the worst kind.

So why does this keep happening? Why do career felon's with lengthy rap-sheets continue to be set free to commit more crimes?

The short answer, is liberal judges, working in partnership with liberal D.A.'s.

"It is the responsibility of the judges to set a reasonable bail, to make sure that accused individuals come back to court" said former judge Ted Poe, "They're not doing that, and they're letting them out on multiple bonds, and that is why the crime rate in Houston is skyrocketing."

The judge would certainly know. Another issue he says, "Some of these judges have a philosophy that is not the law, that they just want to let people go" he said, "Don't put anybody in jail awaiting trial, give everybody a free ride, let them out of jail free without bail, they don't come back and the public suffers."

Another real problem is the back log of criminal cases. So many people are waiting in jail, so the judges take the easy route by letting them out. "That's ridiculous" judge Poe told KTRH, "The public suffers for that because more crime is committed."

Plus, there is the Democrats version of 'public opinion', which is that jail is somehow racist, while completely overlooking the crimes that are committed, or the history of the criminals.

Sadly, many of these liberal judges go along with this. "They're following their own personal, social opinion" judge Poe said, "They don't care."

Thankfully, Republican lawmakers in Texas do care. Last month Governor Greg Abbott signed bail reform legislation into law that requires defendants accused of violent crimes to pay cash to get out of jail.

The new law was delayed because the Texas Democrats fled to Washington.

Defendant Standing Before the Judge

Photo: Getty Images

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