It Was A Con – The White House Has No Idea If Vaccine Mandates Will Happen

It has been almost a month since President Joe Biden announced his self-imposed vaccine mandate. All employers with 100 employees or more, must enforce mandatory vaccine's at the work place.

In a sneaky move by the Biden administration, OSHA is going to handle it. But we haven't heard anything from OSHA. At least not yet.

"Somebody has to sit down and write it, and have it approved" said Rob Henneke of the Texas Public Policy Foundation, "I'm not surprised that the mandate hasn't come out yet, but it's going to, and we're going to have it by the end of the year."

In the meantime, Biden's dictate provided cover for many companies who wanted vaccine mandates, but didn't want to be the bad guys.

The announcement also came at a time when Biden was getting slammed for the Afghanistan debacle. "Because his best polling this year has been addressing the Covid pandemic" Henneke told KTRH, "That was an emergency effort by the Biden administration to change the narrative away from Afghanistan by announcing this vaccine mandate."

So what happens next? OSHA will eventually release the guidelines, and that will be followed by multiple lawsuits. "We fully intend to file a lawsuit to challenge this as soon as the publishes" Henneke said, "I think that the White House fully expects that the courts will step in, and stop this from going into effect. They know it's going to never happen, but they get their virtue signaling by commanding it to occur in the first place."

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