Southern Comfort: More Migrants Headed Toward U.S.

The massive migrant camp that recently took over an international bridge in Del Rio, Texas may have been just the beginning. Days after that camp was cleared out, Reuters reports another caravan of thousands of mostly Haitian migrants is heading north from South America.

This latest caravan has the attention of Texas border congressman of both parties. Republican Congressman Tony Gonzalez met with Panama's foreign minister this week for an update on the migrants flooding that country, while Democrat Congressman Henry Cuellar is calling on Mexico to do more to stop the caravans before they reach the U.S.

Bob Price, associate editor at Breitbart Texas, says these migrants are being drawn to the U.S. like a magnet. "My sources tell me there are tens of thousands of Haitian migrants who've been living for years if not decades in Chile, Peru, and Columbia, who are now headed this way," he tells KTRH. "They've been waiting for the opportunity, and Joe Biden has given them the green light."

While publicly claiming the border is closed and migrants shouldn't come, the Biden administration has been sending the opposite message overseas. "Biden told them two months ago he was not going to deport Haitians anymore, and now the latest example where they have released thousands of these migrants into the United States," says Price.

Indeed, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas admitted that some 12,000 of the 15,000 migrants cleared from the camp in South Texas were released into the U.S. rather than being deported, and that word has spread. "Secretary Mayorkas even went on national television and detailed exactly what you should say to allow yourself to stay in the United States under an asylum request," says Price. "They have given them the talking points on what they will accept as an asylum request."

"The reality is South Texas does need to brace, because there are more (migrants) coming."

Large Migration Surge Crosses Rio Grande Into Del Rio, Texas

Photo: Getty Images North America

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