Read a Good Book Lately?

Pew Research looked at who is reading books, and found that income and educational attainment levels tend to be the biggest drivers. The lower on the spectrum of either the fewer books an individual is inclined to read.

But we still love the book store experience, Jackie DeLeo, Chief Merchant at Barnes & Noble reminds us. They have a wide range of books and that attracts a wide range of consumers, of all ages. “There is no replacement for a good bookstore,” she says, glowing, highlighting the expertise available among their store staff who are always informed with a list of suggestions.

There is a big resurgence in Manga, Japanese comics, and that’s attracting another generation of reading enthusiasts in the way Harry Potter did 20 years ago and is bringing a whole new energy to the bookstore experience. They are posting their reading selections and adventures on social media.

“We’ll have five 13 year olds in there wanting to be all 72 copies of Naruto, books 1 through 72, and they are deciding who is going to buy what so they can own and read the entire series,” DeLeo describes. She says it has a Harry Potter-esque feel to the enthusiasm. There could be another generation of book-lovers in the making!

Tastes vary with the times, politics influencing best seller lists during the election year and books about social consciousness fueled by the death of George Floyd.

It’s a good time for a reminder – holiday gift giving season is fast upon us – and there is a book for everyone!

photo: Getty Images

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