You're needed in jobs that don't require a degree or in-field experience.

Houston businesses need workers - and they're not all ones where you ask if you want fries with your order. They are in need of workers who don't have a college degree, and many require little to no work experience in the field. Michelle Castrow of Texas Workforce Commission gives us a list of jobs that need to be filled a.s.a.p. "They are looking for bookkeepers, concrete specialists, customer service reps, receptionists, cooks, roofers, skilled labor, assemblers. Most of these require no degree and only modest experience requirements."

Liar Liar! Job Search Pants on Fire!

Fitness trainers, teaching assistants, sales people, and installers are a few jobs that don't need a college degree and usually offer on-the-job training. If you want to change careers, or need a little brushing-up, she encourages you to look into work force programs. "All of the community colleges have Workforce Programs. In addition to 2-year degrees, they have short-term certificates and certifications."

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Training with personal trainer and individual protective equipment in place due the COVID-19 virus.

Personal Fitness Trainers are needed. No degree required. Photo: Getty Images

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